Social project Ecuador

Colegio Pomasqui, Quito

The Colegio Pomasqui is a state school for around 1,000 pupils located in the center of Pomasqui on the northern edge of Quito at around 2,600 meters above sea level. Securing the supply of clean drinking water is one of the greatest challenges Quito faces for the future, because on the one hand more and more fresh water reservoirs are melting away with the glaciers, while on the other hand there are no waste water treatment plants anywhere in the entire northern part of Ecuador.

Before the Geberit team arrived, it had basic sanitary services with five toilets for girls and seven for boys. This, however, was by far insufficient to meet the needs of the rapidly growing numbers of pupils. Waste water was flowing untreated into the Monjas River, which years ago was the Pomasqui's main watercourse. Each flushing used around ten liters of drinking water

Geberit worked together with the SEMBRES foundation to implement forward-thinking and eco-efficient solutions in the area of sanitary installations. The areas of particular focus included water savings, water recycling and water treatment as well as the construction of a reed sewage plant to purify waste water and protect drinking-water resources. In addition special emphasis was placed on sensitizing people to environmental aspects and to education and continued training.