Social project Romania


Stephanie Hinz, Industrial Clerk (Apprentice)

Access to sanitary installations is something we take for granted. Giving people in Romania this same access and above all spending time with them – that is my motivation for taking part in this project.

Tobias Küng, Polytechnician (Apprentice)

I believe that medical care should be available to everyone. I particularly want to help sick children and support them in any way I can during their difficult time.

Jan Mayer, Logistics Clerk (Apprentice)

I find it important that a company like Geberit aims to make a sustainable contribution to improving quality of life. I want to be a part of this process and spontaneously adapt to the new situations I will be confronted with in Romania.

Peter Reichle, Tool Mechanic (Apprentice)

In addition to installing sanitary installations, contact with sick people is also a core focus of this project. I believe it is important that these people have someone to talk to.

Brian Rinno, Industrial Mechanic (Apprentice)

I want to be involved in social projects and gain some new life experiences. I see this social project as a unique personal opportunity to gain experience in dealing with sick people while also learning how to install Geberit products.

Jan Taddey, Industrial Mechanic (Apprentice)

I want to engage with people and get to know them and their culture better. I am sure that I will appreciate my standard of living in Germany even more after the two weeks.

Irène Thalmann, Commercial Clerk (Apprentice)

I am looking forward to consciously spending time with sick people, talking to them and playing with the children – thus giving them that little bit of hope.

Felix Karauschek, Plastics Technician (Apprentice)

I think it is important and makes sense that Geberit is committed to social projects. Personally, I would like to return home after the two weeks with the feeling that I have accomplished and changed something.

Gabriela Stehlin, Head Human Resources Switzerland

Making life that little bit easier for the people in Romania is what spurs me on – whether by means of sanitary installations in a new hospice or by simply spending some time with sick people and giving them attention. I am convinced that this will be an unforgettable and very valuable life experience for us all.

Norbert Peuckmann, Sales Consultant

The idea of carrying out these aid projects with our apprentices is fascinating. Having already been involved in India and Serbia, this feeling is intensified here due to the cooperation with Mike Horn’s “Young Explorers”. Gaining an insight into other standards of living helps you to better appreciate your own situation. Making these experiences within the group is a great motivation.