Interview with Marco Lek

Sound insulation expertise from Geberit

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"De Rotterdam" is the largest building in terms of area in the Netherlands. The high-rise complex, which stands at 150 metres high and nearly 100 metres across alongside the River Meuse in the Wilhelminapier district of Rotterdam, consists of three high-rise towers, which stand very close to one another and are connected by a giant six-storey base. The west tower houses 45 floors of residential units, the 41-storey middle tower is used for offices and the 43 floors of the east tower are divided between office and hotel space.

Interview with Marco Lek, project manager at Sanitair Installatie Hoogendoorn BV

Marco Lek

"De Rotterdam" is the largest building in terms of area in the Netherlands. What particular challenges had to be overcome for this project as far as sanitary technology was concerned?

Marco Lek: The biggest challenge for us was the enormous area of the building, its height of 150 metres and the significant amount of waste water associated with this, which has to be transported downwards. A normal drainage system was out of the question. Another important factor was the development of noise in the discharge pipes. To deal with these issues, Geberit provided us with complete technical solutions that were not available elsewhere on the market.

Which Geberit products were you able to use to solve these problems?

Marco Lek: The drainage system is over six kilometres long and has an enormous number of connection points. In the office space and hotel alone, there are a total of 685 toilets. This represents a huge challenge when it comes to drainage. In order to guarantee this completely, we chose the Geberit Silent-db20 piping systems for the hotel space in the east tower, for example. With these, we are even able to prevent sound emissions from the discharge pipes – despite the fact that it is such a big project.

The roof is also architecturally sophisticated. What convinced you that the Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system is the best solution here?

Marco Lek: The system provides outstanding solutions, particularly for architecturally difficult situations. Due to the structural specifications, we were unable to lay Geberit Pluvia under the roof for space reasons. Instead, we had to integrate the roof drainage system into the concrete floor. In addition, we covered the pipes with an insulation hose. With this solution, Geberit provides additional protection for the pipes against the concrete as well as optimal sound insulation.