Milan's new skyline

Flow-optimised Sovent fittings from Geberit

Porta Nuova district skyline

The Porta Nuova district of Milan has recently undergone a complete transformation. 20 high-rise buildings, a number of parks, a new metro station and several underground car parks have been built in the area surrounding the Garibaldi railway station, which covers 290,000 square metres. With its systematic sustainability concept, Porta Nuova could well be used as inspiration for future urban development projects.

The prestigious buildings in the new district include the UniCredit Tower and the two "Bosco Verticale" high-rise apartment buildings. The UniCredit Tower, a glass and steel complex housing the headquarters of the UniCredit bank, actually comprises three towers, the highest of which is 231 metres tall. This means that the complex is currently the highest building in Italy. The building, which will accommodate 4000 members of staff, is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by around 30 percent.

Less than five minutes away from the UniCredit Tower are the two "Bosco Verticale" high-rise apartment buildings, which are set to make an active contribution to improving environmental conditions and enhancing biodiversity in major cities. The two towers – standing at 80 and 112 metres tall respectively – provide 50,000 square metres of living space, as well as 10,000 square metres of "forest" space, as the external facades of the blocks are covered with 730 trees, 5000 shrubs and 11,000 ground cover plants. Each apartment in the high-rise complex has a large balcony with its own mini-forest, which provides protection from the sun, noise and polluted urban air.

Geberit PE Sovent fittings

With their optimised volume flow, Geberit Sovent fittings allow optimum discharge stack design in high-rise buildings. They prevent hydraulic blockages in the stack, which on the one hand increases the capacity of this pipeline by up to a factor of 4 and, at the same time, means there is no need to install a separate ventilation pipe. Unlike in the case of roof drainage, negative pressure is not a desirable factor in the discharge pipes of a building. This would drain the traps and make them ineffective. For this reason, conventional discharge stacks without Geberit PE Sovent fittings are equipped with a ventilation system. With the Geberit PE Sovent fitting d110, Geberit hydraulic know-how is also available for discharge stacks with a diameter of 110 mm. Discharge stacks with these dimensions can discharge waste water from 93 floors (6.2 design units) and are primarily installed in high-rise hotel, apartment and office buildings, including the UniCredit Tower (231 metres) and the two "Bosco Verticale" high-rise apartment buildings.