Function in top shape

Geberit drains and inlets for bathtubs

Complete range for any bathroom
Geberit bathtub drains and inlets are available in various dimensions and in the typical sanitary tap colours, such as bright chrome-plated, white alpine, matt chrome-plated or gold-plated, to suit your customers' preferences. All visible components are designed in such a way that the Geberit drainage systems for bathtubs and showers have a matching look.

Flat profile for convenient bathtub access
Geberit traps have a flat construction height so that the bathtub can be installed at a lower height, which makes stepping into the tub more convenient than with many other systems.

Safe, quick and tension-free installation
Geberit bathtub drains ensure simple, safe and tension-free installation in almost any construction situation and protect bathtubs of any material from damage.

Quick drainage, good protection against clogging
Because they incorporate the well-known Geberit know-how, Geberit traps are shaped for optimised flow, thus ensuring a consistently high discharge rate and very good self-cleaning effect.

Intelligent details and a selection of colours and sizes make Geberit bathtub drains a superior solution for bathrooms. The bathroom user benefits from the discharge rate and the high degree of protection against clogging.

Press instead of turning: Using an innovative push-button actuation, Geberit PushControl opens and closes the bathtub drain. This makes operation easier, more convenient and more comfortable for the user. Thanks to the push-button mechanism, the bathtub overflow has an ultra-flat profile, so there is no more protruding turning mechanism to interrupt the smooth inner surfaces of the bathtub. The trap, which was designed for optimised flow and has a flat profile, offers the benefits typical of Geberit products.

The Geberit bathtub drain with inlet function integrates the water supply discretely into the bathtub overflow. That looks good.

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