Geberit tap system

The sophisticated solution

Geberit tap system in a public WC facility

For public and semi-public sanitary facilities

The Geberit washbasin taps Piave and Brenta are a sophisticated wall-mounted solution for public and semi-public sanitary facilities. As well as their more attractive aesthetic, they also offer more space for hand washing than conventional deck-mounted solutions and are therefore more hygienic. The washbasin is also easy to clean.

The reason why we nevertheless see so few electronic wall-mounted taps can be explained relatively easily: until now, there has been practically no solution for planning them reliably and installing them without errors. Geberit's new tap system provides a superior solution to these problems.

Geberit wall-mounted taps in public areas

Innovative solution for wall-mounted taps

The advantages of the Geberit tap system are displayed to full effect by the wall-mounted taps. In the past, installing these taps often required individual solutions and a knack for improvisation – but the Geberit Duofix installation element now enables reliable planning and safe execution.

Easier maintenance thanks to the function box

Quick and easy maintenance

Not only does installation proceed much more quickly, but the easily accessible function box also allows maintenance and service tasks to be carried out much more easily.

Geberit tap system product range

Wide range covering every area of application

The new Geberit tap system is available with mains and battery operation, but also with a self-sustaining power supply thanks to a generator unit. Moreover, both the Brenta and Piave design lines are available as wall or deck-mounted taps, with or without mixers.

Robust, functional and aesthetic

The tried-and-tested Geberit washbasin taps in types 185/186 and 87/88 can be supplied not only for mains and battery operation but also in a hydraulic version. They are available with or without mixer handle. Their bright chrome-plated surfaces and robust design make them easy to clean and service as well as attractive to look at. Separate system solutions are available for special applications such as decentralised storage water heaters.

  • Geberit washbasin tap type 87/88
  • Geberit washbasin tap type 185/186

Good reasons

Geberit tap system installation element


Designed with free space in mind


Tap system Brenta

Separating the tap from the control provides more flexibility to create elegant designs for touchless washbasin taps.


Free surfaces


Tap system Piave

The washbasins are easier to clean, as deck-mounted taps no longer stand in the way.


Reliable planning


Installing a wall-mounted tap system

The pre-mounted Geberit crossbar is height-adjustable. This allows the distance between the tap and the washbasin to be set with precision during planning.


Easy connection


Tap installation system

The pre-mounted conduit pipes make it easier to lay and connect the sensor technology and water supply lines. They also ensure that these pipelines can easily be replaced at any time.


Easy servicing

Easily accessible

Easy servicing

The electronics and water supply connections are easy to access but nevertheless well protected below the washbasin.


Technology stored separately


Tap system technology

The function box forms the core of the slick central element. It is available in various versions which all fit into the same function box.




Tap system Piave

The concealed element is available for use with conventional traps or with the space-saving Geberit concealed trap.


Typical for Geberit


Drywall-construction installation element

The newly designed Geberit Duofix installation element for drywall construction enables easy, safe and reliable installation.