The ideal solution for floor even showers

Geberit wall drain for shower

Sealed floor surface
Moving the water drain to behind the wall makes it possible to design the shower floor as a sealed surface. This makes it easier to apply the screed and gives a neat and tidy overall impression.

Behind the drywall
The Geberit GIS or Geberit Duofix installation elements come ready to install, which significantly reduces the amount of installation work required and also guarantees a tight, long-lasting connection. The Geberit wall drain for shower is designed to leave none of the tiler's questions unanswered.

Low installation height
Thanks to its small dimensions, the Geberit wall drain for shower is also particularly well suited to situations with a low screed height and can be connected to the existing discharge pipes without any problems, making it ideal for renovation projects.

Everyday practicality
The Geberit wall drain for shower features an integrated hair trap which can be removed and washed out in no time at all.

Covers to suit any taste
All your customers will see of the Geberit wall drain for shower is its elegant wall cover. It is available in a range of designs: bright chrome-plated, stainless steel brushed, white alpine, and even a tiling option to match the style of the bathroom. There is also a screwable version available for use in (semi) public sanitary facilities.

Collector profile
Installing an additional collector profile right in front of the Geberit wall drain for shower makes it easier to create a slight slope in the floor.

High discharge rate, tested safety
The Geberit trap with the standard-compliant water seal depth of 50 mm has an impressively high discharge rate of 0.8 l/s. Geberit wall drains for shower have been tested in the overall system and in various construction situations and therefore offer comprehensive safety in fire protection and sound insulation.