Geberit HDPE Robust resistance no matter what

The professionals for the dirty work

Geberit PE discharge pipes are suitable for a multitude of application ranges in building drainage, roof drainage, in industry, in commercial or laboratory facilities, for placement in the ground, in concrete or in bridge construction.

  • Resistant to around 95% of all standard alkalis, acids and chemicals.
  • The pipes and fittings withstand shocks, drops, impacts or short-term pressure without breakage or permanent deformation

Geberit PE applications

  • Building drainage
  • Conventional roof drainage system
  • Syphonic roof drainage system
  • Land drainage system
  • Industry

Geberit PE is suitable for embedding in concrete.

Many good reasons for Geberit PE

A Geberit PE pipe installation with various fittings, pipe dimensions and connection technologies
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Geberit PE assortment


Nominal width (DN)Dimension d x s (mm)
3032 x 3
40 x 3
5050 x 3
5656 x 3
6063 x 3
7075 x 3
9090 x 3.5
100110 x 4.3
125125 x 4.9
150160 x 6.2
200200 x 6.2
200200 x 7.7
250250 x 7.8
250250 x 9.7
300315 x 9.8
300315 x 12.2


Greater safety

Learn about the effective fire protection offered by the Geberit fire protection sleeve RS90 Plus DIN.

All technical information about Geberit PE CAN BE FOUND IN THE ONLINE CATALOGUE