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Geberit India

A commitment to sustainable action with eco-design

Sustainability has been part of Geberit’s DNA for over 30 years. The key here is eco-design

Geberit has been developing all products in line with the eco-design principle since 2007. The goal is to create added value with the lowest possible energy consumption – for customers, for the environment and for society as a whole.

Everyone is talking about sustainability at present – and the construction industry is no different. And not without reason – in 2019, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) announced that the building sector accounted for 38 per cent of all global CO2 emissions. The high consumption of resources such as water, energy or building materials is another challenge faced by the branch, and handling them carefully the order of the day.

Looking at the life cycle of a product

Sustainability has been part of Geberit’s DNA for over 30 years. The most important aspect here is eco-design. All products have been developed consistently and optimised in line with this principle since 2007. The goal is for every product to be better than its predecessor from an ecological perspective.

Eco-design has long included all stages of a product’s life cycle, from selecting resources and raw materials, the supply chain, energy efficiency in production and logistics, the reduction of packaging and, above all, the durability, repairability, long availability of spare parts and recyclability of Geberit products. With eco-design, Geberit makes an important contribution to green building and the circular economy. 

A trusted partner of architects and sanitary engineers

An increasing number of Geberit products now come with a certified, verifiable life cycle assessment in the form of environmental product declarations (EPD). These are an important source of information for construction companies and architecture firms who strive towards sustainability. At the same time, Geberit solutions also help to save valuable resources – such as electricity or water – both during the construction process and afterwards in use.

Geberit solutions are now also found in building projects that are distinguished by their sustainability.

In this first edition of the “eView” newsletter, you can find out more about four buildings that are setting global benchmarks in terms of their ecological performance. In addition, the interview with Lasse Lind from 3XN architects in Copenhagen – an architect and university lecturer specialising in green building – also offers an outlook on future developments and trends in the construction industry.

We wish you an inspiring read.