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Geberit India

Geberit Pluvia

More compact Geberit Pluvia roof outlets, which are even easier to mount than their predecessors. Geberit Pluvia in BIM with Autodesk® Revit® and product finder. Through tried-and-tested technology, innovative details and a holistic service, Geberit Pluvia continues to set new standards.

Geberit Pluvia
Geberit shower surface Setaplano

In the new Geberit shower surface Setaplano, as many components as possible are already pre-assembled at the factory. This reduces the number of individual parts to a minimum.

Geberit shower drainage
Geberit tap system

The Geberit tap system exploits the advantages of concealed installation to the full. All you can see in front of the wall are the essential functional components of touchless taps: the washbasin tap and IR sensor. By contrast, all of the controls and connection technology are housed completely separately in a function box in the installation element.

Geberit taps

Geberit Sovent Single Stack system with HDPE fitting makes the water in the discharge stack rotate. The rotation of the water produces a continuous column of air, which enables pressure compensation and increases the discharge rate. In doing so, the need of an additional vent pipe is no longer necessary. This engineered drainage system as well as the most environmental friendly system leads to substantial savings in terms of material and installation-time.

Geberit Sovent