Social project India


Christoph Zimmerer, Industrial mechanic (Apprentice)

This is an opportunity to help people who live in poverty in a real and direct way and at the same time get to know a new world. I am used to working a lot and in a skilled trade as we also run an agricultural business at home.

Michael Brodmann, Mechatronic specialist (Apprentice)

What motivates me a lot is the experience from my previous travels abroad and the fact that many countries desperately need help. I have the right attitude, good technical skills and am open and respectful of other people and foreign cultures.

Georg Lubinger, Plastics technician (Apprentice)

I expect to have two difficult but fun work weeks. I also hope to have contact with the locals and a foreign culture.

Robin Mazanek, Mechanical engineering (Apprentice)

I want to further educate myself with this project, get to know another culture and help the people there. I look forward to two exciting but probably difficult weeks during which I can help other people.

Jonathan Kägi, Plastics technologist (Apprentice)

Last summer I participated in an aid project in Mongolia. This has given me an idea of what to expect in India, and it also won't be the first time where I am confronted with poverty. I look forward to getting to know this country, further educate myself and make new experiences in dealing with people.

Stefan Wälti, Polytechnician (Apprentice)

Unlike a money donation, this type of help lets you see the final product, and you can be sure that the people there are really getting something. I like to learn new things and get involved in a good cause.

Norbert Peuckmann, Sales Consultant

It fills me with pride and joy to be able to collaborate on such an interesting and socially helpful project. I am convinced that after our trip, we will have the chance to look at things differently and use other criteria to evaluate things.

Heinz Waldvogel, Internatinoal Sales Engineer

I am happy that our apprentices have the chance to do an installation with Geberit products. The sanitary installations will certainly help to improve hygiene conditions at the school and especially at the hospital. And I am happy to return to a familiar world as I have worked in this culture for many years.

Otto Griesshaber, Head of Technical Training

To help poor people is something I am interested in personally, especially through Geberit's competence with water and sanitary technology. I am especially happy that Geberit apprentices have the opportunity to broaden their personal and professional horizons. I am sure that these young people will come home with an experience from which they will benefit throughout their whole lives.