Social project Serbia


Anna Baluch, Industrial manager (Apprentice)

For us a water supply is nothing special. But in Serbia, it is not a given. I would like to get as many impressions as possible and strengthen my personality in terms of my sense of responsibility, communication with other people, independence and maturity.

Sarah Berner, Machinist (Apprentice)

I look forward to traveling to a country that I don't know and working there. The personal challenge is mainly that I don't know what to expect.

Stefan Franz, Machinist (Apprentice)

You don't often get the chance to travel to another country, work there and gather educational experience. I think it's great to be able to help other people.

Daniel Hänsel, Mechatronic specialist (Apprentice)

I want to support this project in order to help create a standard of living for other people that we have had in Germany for a long time. I believe it is a human right to live under good hygienic conditions.

Fabian Höller, Industrial mechanic (Apprentice)

I am fascinated by the idea of bringing about change in a foreign country in order to help other people to improve their quality of life. More of these types of projects should be happening in schools so that the children are confronted at an early age with the issues of a clean water supply and good hygiene and can benefit from this.

Tobias Kosche, Mechatronic specialist (Apprentice)

I like the idea to be able to help less-privileged people, and I see this as a meaningful task. I think that good hygienic conditions are important. Especially for a school where the sanitary facilities are used by many different people.

Kevin Okroj, Industrial mechanic (Apprentice)

I followed the images and effects of the Kraljevo earthquake in the news media. I personally think helping on site is even better than donating money. Especially when one has the opportunity to be a part of an aid project like this.

Sebastian Weiss, Industrial manager (Apprentice)

This is a unique opportunity to gather experiences that can never be taken away and that might help one to better appreciate one's own standard of living. I look forward to meeting and working with other apprentices from other Geberit locations.

Melanie Wendsche, Industrial manager (Apprentice)

I like helping people who are not as well off as I am. When I was in school, I participated in a similar project at a school in Hungary. I think that this experience in Serbia will be valuable for me.

Frank Knieps, Personnel management trainer

From the start I have been following Geberit's humanitarian activities. I think the idea to realize such projects with apprentices is just great! Appreciating one's own standard of living and communicating that to our apprentices, that is particularly important to me.

Norbert Peuckmann, Sales consultant

During my organizational visit in Serbia, I got a lot of positive insights and am really looking forward to carrying out the project. The fact that we are able to realize this project with nine Geberit apprentices, local plumbers and our colleagues in Serbia will surely be an enriching professional and personal experience for everyone involved.