Enhanced quality of life in the bathroom

Comfort products for sanitary facilities

From the sanitary unit to the wellness area

The bathroom has developed from a sanitary unit to a comfortable wellness area in one's own home. The demands on the design and functions of sanitary facilities have changed dramatically. Geberit supplies products and functions that directly improve customers' quality of life and offer the highest level of convenience thanks to increase freshness, cleanliness and hygiene.

The Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction unit eliminates unpleasant odours directly at their source. It suctions the air directly from the WC ceramic appliance through the flush water inlet, purifies it via an active carbon filter, neutralises it and then redirects it into the room. The odour extraction unit is hidden behind the Geberit Sigma40 actuator plate, which is equipped with air outlets all around. In addition, an insert shaft is installed, which also makes it possible to introduce in-cistern blocks into concealed cisterns. The constituents of the in-cistern blocks are distributed up to the rim of the WC ceramic appliance with every flush, thereby ensuring freshness and cleanliness.

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Geberit electronic lavatory taps allow the user to start the water flow without touching the tap. This enhances hygiene and reduces the risk of transmitting germs, especially in public and semi-public sanitary facilities. Additional features, such as water-saving programmes or temperature limitation make drinking water safer and more economical.

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