Warsaw National Stadium

Drinking water expertise from Geberit

Warsaw National Stadium

The Warsaw National Stadium is a landmark that can be seen for miles and one that makes a striking mark on the cityscape. The complex, with a mesh façade decorated in the Polish national colours of red and white, contains a total of 55,000 seats.

Geared towards sustainability

Sustainability played a crucial role during the construction of the stadium. Examples from the water supply: the toilets and urinals are flushed with rainwater. As a business that is consistently geared towards sustainability, Geberit was able to provide all of the concealed systems required for the approx. 2100 toilets and urinals.

Warsaw National Stadium from the inside

Always perfect drinking water

For Geberit, it is a constant challenge and duty to provide drinking water that is always of hygienically perfect quality through suitable, certified products. To ensure this, only high-quality product materials are used.

Sanitary flush

In the Warsaw National Stadium, the flush units used are Geberit sanitary flushes. The water must be replaced regularly. If it stays in the pipe for too long, it can go stagnant. Geberit developed the sanitary flush with this in mind. It guarantees the safety of the fresh water by ensuring that drinking water is replaced regularly and automatically to minimise stagnation times and maintain freshness. This allows any microbial contamination of the drinking water to be effectively prevented.

Protective caps

At Geberit, we take measures during production to ensure that the pipes and fittings leave the factory in a hygienically perfect state. The Geberit Mapress and Mepla piping systems, which are suitable for drinking water pipes, are supplied with protection plugs to prevent dirt and foreign bodies from entering.

Safe initial filling and hygiene filter

During the initial filling of the drinking water installation with water, any micro-organisms are held back by the Geberit hygiene filter. This ensures that microbiologically perfect drinking water is available after the initial filling.