The ideal solution for floor even showers

Geberit wall drain for shower

The Geberit wall drain for shower clears the way for a seamless floor-even bathroom.

The pinnacle of elegance
By moving the drain from the floor to behind the wall, you can preserve the flawless tiled appearance of the bathroom floor. It's an elegant solution that is also easy to implement, as there is no need to spend time consulting different tradesmen about any prewall work that needs to be carried out.

Proven discharge rate
Restricted discharge rate? Never. The wall drain works perfectly as part of Geberit's coordinated concealed technology. This is guaranteed by tests in various construction situations and by 50 years of experience.

Cleaning made easy
To remove the hair trap for cleaning, simply remove the cover over the drain. The cover is available in a range of designs: bright chrome-plated, stainless steel brushed, white alpine, and even a customised tiling option.

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