Flat profile for high discharge rate

Geberit shower drainage

Hydraulically optimised drain

All of the solutions offered by Geberit for shower drainage are characterised by a high discharge rate, an attractive design for public and private sanitary facilities and Geberit's proven, hydraulically optimised outlet technology. From Geberit shower channels to Geberit drains for floor-even showers to Geberit drains for standard shower trays – Geberit offers solutions that fit the Geberit waste and drainage systems perfectly for any construction situation

Innovative wall drain

Geberit has redefined the floor-even shower with an innovative wall drain, which combines an elegant design and a much simpler installation, offering an alternative to conventional shower drainage systems.

Geberit element for showers with wall drain

The innovative Geberit elements for showers move the water outlet from the floor into the prewall installation.

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Shower channel

Geberit shower channels

The new Geberit shower channels of the CleanLine series fulfil the highest expectations with respect to design and hygiene. They are distinguished from many conventional channels in that they are exceptionally easy to clean.

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Floor drain

Geberit floor drain

The new compact design solution in the floor: the drain is only 80 x 80 mm in size and thus smaller than most conventional drains.

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