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Geberit actuator plates featuring innovative functions

Sigma40 odour extraction unit

Odour extraction unit

Breathe easy: Geberit DuoFresh ensures freshness in the bathroom by extracting unpleasant odours directly in the WC ceramic appliance before they have the chance to spread. The easy-to-use odour extraction unit is started at the touch of a button and switches off automatically.

Sigma80 comfort function


Geberit actuator plates enhance your bathroom environment through the convenient, state-of-the-art sanitary features they add. WC flush actuation uses touchless mechanisms, elegant colour schemes infuse the room with atmosphere, and undesirable odours are extracted efficiently.

Sigma70, soft-touch


Thanks to the soft-touch buttons, all it takes is a gentle touch to create an exceptionally quiet flush actuation – ensuring that everyone can stay sleeping peacefully.

Sigma50 insert


Nothing could be simpler: Just fold open the Geberit actuator plate, place the in-cistern block in the insert behind it, and close. The optional insert is compatible with most Geberit actuator plates from the Sigma range.

Omega60, surface-even


Just the essentials: Surface-even Geberit actuator plates lie flush with the wall surface, preventing any disruption in the harmony of the design. Their minimalist elegance not only allows them to fit in beautifully with the latest design trends, but also makes them the perfect choice for even the most sophisticated bathroom fixtures.

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