Design meets function

Geberit actuator plates and Geberit flushing systems

Perfect combination of function and form
Actuator plates are the only thing you get to see of a concealed sanitary installation and the cistern itself in your bathroom. For this reason, it is very important to Geberit that you be able to choose from a variety of design lines, materials, colours and surface finishes to select exactly the right actuator plate that meets your requirements and expectations and matches the style of your wellness bathroom. Matching urinal flush controls and covers are available for every design line.

Luxury materials for demanding requirements
Geberit actuator plates are made of durable, lightfast, easy-to-clean materials with plastic or glass surfaces, and are manufactured of die-cast zinc or stainless steel to meet particularly demanding requirements of durability and security. Depending on requirements, you can use manual, electronic or pneumatic flush actuation.

For greater freshness and cleanliness
An insert for in-cistern blocks ensures greater freshness and better hygiene with every flush. The insert can be installed immediately or it can be retrofitted with little effort at any time.

Eliminating unpleasant odours
Provided that the concealed cistern is already appropriately prepared, a Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction unit can be installed hidden behind the Geberit Sigma40 actuator plate. The odour extraction unit suctions off the unpleasant odours where they originate – directly from the WC ceramic appliance.

Geberit Sigma01 actuator plate

The interplay of dancing drops of water defines the organic design of this actuator plate series.

Article number 115.770.XX.5

Geberit Sigma10 actuator plate

The clear circular shape of the Geberit actuator plate Sigma10 puts the focus on the function in terms of design.

Article number 115.758.XX.1

Geberit Sigma20 actuator plate

The clean design links the Geberit Sigma20 actuator plate with extra environmental friendliness through dual flush actuation.

Article number 115.778.XX.1

Geberit Sigma40 actuator plate

The Sigma40 actuator plate with integrated odour extraction unit and insert for in-cistern blocks is available in glass or plastic.

Article number 115.600.KQ.1

Geberit Sigma50 actuator plate

Clean lines, sophisticated subtleness and the elegant surface characterise the Geberit Sigma50 actuator plate.

Article number 115.788.XX.5

Geberit Sigma50 actuator plate with flexible design options

The surface of the Geberit Sigma50 actuator plate can be designed flexibly with custom motifs, perfectly matching the interior decoration.

Article number 115.788.00.5

Geberit Sigma60 actuator plate, surface-even

Using a special mounting frame, the Geberit Sigma60 actuator plate can be installed surface-even with the wall termination of the bathroom, fitting in well with current design trends.

Article number 115.792.GH.1

Geberit Sigma70 actuator plate

Innovative technology enables smooth actuation of the dual flush in an attractive, minimalist design.

Article number 115.625.XX.1

Geberit Sigma80 actuator plate, touchless

The Geberit Sigma80 actuator plate appears futuristic. The touchless actuator plate acknowledges actuation with a discreet light signal.

Article number 116.092.XX.1

Geberit Alpha 10, white

Article number

Geberit Alpha 10, matt chrome

Article number

Geberit Alpha 10, bright chrome

Article number

Geberit Alpha 15, white

Article number

Geberit Alpha 15, matt chrome

Article number

Geberit Alpha 15, bright chrome

Article number

The various actuator options available in Geberit Alpha range perfectly balance design and environmental freindliness.

Geberit Alpha 30, white

Article no.

Geberit Alpha 30, matt chrome

Article no.

Geberit Alpha 30, bright chrome

Article no

Geberit actuator plate Omega20

Geberit actuator plate Omega20

The all-rounder. Available in six colour variations. Round buttons with contrast rings for top/front actuation. Astonishingly small dimensions of only 212 x 142 mm.

Article number 115.085.XX.1

Geberit actuator plate Omega30

Geberit actuator plate Omega30

Reduced to the essentials. Available in six colour variations. Large-surface buttons for top/front actuation. Astonishingly small dimensions of only 212 x 142 mm.

Article number 115.080.XX.1

Geberit actuator plate Omega60

Geberit actuator plate Omega60

Small and flush. This surface-even actuator plate is available in four colour variations and with a choice of glass or metal surfaces. Top or front actuation is available. The base unit of this small plate – only 184 x 114 mm in size – is made of long-lasting die-cast zinc.

Article number 115.081.XX.1

iF product design award 2014

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