Barrier-free shower, redefined

Geberit element for showers with wall drain

The innovative Geberit elements for floor-even showers transfer the water outlet from the floor to the prewall installation, making it even easier to implement barrier-free bath installations without compromise.

Elegant design solution for floor-even showers

The sanitary installation no longer interrupts the impact-sound and thermal insulation under the shower. Underfloor heating can be laid under the floor of the shower without interruption. Floor construction is easier, as it is no longer interrupted by the drain hardware.

Easy to install

The Geberit element for showers is available for Geberit Duofix and Geberit GIS.Thanks to a wide adjustment range, it can be adapted to nearly all standard wall and floor constructions. The interfaces between various trades are clearly defined and resolved.

Covers to suit any taste

The cover over the drain is available in four different designs: gloss chrome, stainless steel brushed, white alpine and as a tile-bearing element. The cover can be removed by hand. Behind it is a hair trap, which can be easily removed for cleaning.

High discharge rate, tested safety

The Geberit trap with the normed trap height of 50 mm is persuasive with its high discharge rate of 0.85 l/s. Geberit elements for showers have been tested in the overall system and in various construction situations and therefore offer comprehensive safety in fire protection and acoustic insulation.