Further innovations

Geberit pipe scraper d110

Geberit pipe scraper for Geberit PE and Geberit Silent-db20 pipes in the d110 dimension

The Geberit pipe scraper allows time to be saved when preparing pipes and fittings for welding with electrofusion sleeve couplings. The fact that it is so simple to use offers many advantages for pipes that have already been laid in narrow confines.

Mepla connections

Geberit Mepla adapters for treated water

Thanks to the new Geberit Mepla adapters with plastic male thread and those made of Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel, all dimensions of Geberit Mepla are now ideal for use with treated waters.

Geberit Mepla

Mapress loose flange type B

Geberit Mapress flanges in accordance with EN1092-1

The new Geberit Mapress flanges meet the growing demand for flanges with sealing strip (type B) for industrial applications. The robust weld seam ensures a reliable connection.

Geberit supply systems

Silent-db20 fittings

Geberit Mepla double elbow tap connector 90° now available in the nominal widths 15/20, 20/15 and 20 mm

Geberit Mepla double elbow tap connectors 90° enable a series-connected pipe or ring connection to be installed easily with Geberit Mepla, preventing stagnation in the drinking water pipe.

Geberit Mepla

Insulation for Geberit Mepla

Thick insulation for Geberit Mepla system pipe ML

In a new release, pre-insulated Geberit Mepla system pipes are now also available with an insulation thickness of 26 mm in the dimensions d16, d20 and d26.

Geberit Mepla