Simply simple

Geberit shower channels CleanLine

Shower channel CleanLine

Customers love shower channels and plumbers love uncomplicated installation procedures. The new Geberit shower channel CleanLine60 is just as easy to install as a classic floor drain. Thanks to the sealing foil injected ex works, the separation of trades is even more clearly defined. They are distinguished from many conventional channels in that they are also very easy to clean.

Shower channel elements

Clean innovations

  • Unique design with collector surface, comb insert, trap and drain
  • As easy to mount as a floor drain
  • Leakproof ex works thanks to injected sealing foil
  • Can be installed either in the middle of the shower area or at the wall
  • Can be cut to length on site
  • High customer satisfaction thanks to rapid and hygienic cleaning

Innovative design

Geberit shower channels of the CleanLine series have a two-piece design: a collector surface made of stainless steel forms the visible part. Below that is a central trap and waste that is mounted like a floor drain.

  • Shower channel
  • Rapid cleaning

Shower channel can be cut to length

Flexible length and placement

The shower channels of the CleanLine series can be cut to the desired length directly at the time of installation. The design harmonises with any floor and can be placed either at the wall or in the middle of the shower area.