In the shadow of the palace wallHotel Turkish House, Istanbul (TR)

The boutique hotel Turkish House is both an archaeological site and an inn. The journey through Istanbul's history begins here in the inner courtyard. Modern comfort is provided by Geberit, among others.

The foundations of this house are around 1000 years old, the walls a good 200. Despite its age, this house has been filled with life since its reopening in 2022. In the shadow of the garden wall of the Grand Palace, right next to the most famous sights of Istanbul's old city, people sleep, have breakfast and chat here. Tourists who arrive exhausted from the heat and bustle of the Turkish metropolis find an oasis of calm at the Hotel Turkish House.

Carefully renovated

Before and after: the building as it was before the conversion (© Hotel Turkish House)
Before and after: the building after the conversion in 2022 (© Haydar Erçin)

Especially those interested in history get their money's worth at this place. During the renovation of the house, ancient remains of the adjacent imperial palace complex were discovered. The architect and owner of the boutique hotel, Deniz Alkan, had them uncovered and made visible behind glazed panels.

The building erected on these wall remains again dates from the end of the 18th century. The original residential building was rebuilt several times, so that it eventually lost its original use and character.

A Turkish home

Deniz Alkan has restored the building to its character. The house is built in traditional timber construction. The interior walls bear a plaster of lime paste, sand and brick dust, made according to a traditional method. From tiles and tiling to furniture and lighting, local traditional materials and furnishings have been used. “We want our guests to experience the warmth of a Turkish home,“ says Deniz Alkan.

Quality and comfort in the bathroom

Geberit, among others, provides modern comfort and hygiene in the Turkish House hotel. The architect equipped the bathrooms of the boutique hotel with numerous Geberit products, behind and in front of the wall. Deniz Alkan comments: “Above all, both the service and the quality of the Geberit products convinced us.“


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