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Geberit India

Geberit tap system

The superior solution

Hygiene for continuous operation

Lavatory taps must be hygienic, easy to clean and safe in order to handle the heavy-duty use in semi-public and public sanitary areas.

The Geberit washbasin taps Piave and Brenta can be easily combined with a wide range of different washbasins whilst also improving hygiene:

  • Touchless operation
  • Design and surfaces easy to clean and maintain
  • More space for hand washing leading to improved hygiene
  • Wall-mounted taps: easier to clean as there are no slots or edges where splash water could aggregate

Timeless, elegant design

  • Geberit Brenta deck mounted tap system for washbasins

The Geberit washbasin tap models, Piave and Brenta, designed by London-based design studio, Christoph Behling Design, feature an incredibly slim, timeless and elegant form. Both versions are available as wall-mounted or deck-mounted taps and can be combined with practically any washbasin design. The wall-mounted taps are supplied in lengths of 170 mm and 220 mm in order to accommodate the multitude of possible combinations.

The beautiful tap housings are made of chrome-plated brass. What’s special about it: The water is guided through a reinforced plastic hose that extends from the functional unit in the function box to the tap aerator on the tap outlet. This ensures that the quality of the potable water is not impaired at any point in the tap system.

Optimal planning reliability – for wall-mounted taps too

  • Geberit Piave tap system wall-mounted tap for washbasins

Elegant and touchless wall-mounted taps, clean washbasins, and enough space between them to wash your hands: this image is often precisely what sanitary engineers, architects and operators envisage when planning public or semi-public sanitary facilities projects. The reason why we see so few electronic wall-mounted taps, despite these advantages, is relatively banal: There has been practically no solution so far for planning them safely and installing them without errors.

High loads

  • Bathroom equipped with the Geberit Brenta wall mounted tap system in a public area

Electronic washbasin taps are primarily used in sanitary facilities in public and semi-public buildings such as airports, shopping centres, schools or restaurants. These taps have to be reliable in highly frequented places in particular and must be able to withstand a lot, including rough use. Selecting the right solution is therefore particularly important for reliable function.

Wide range covering virtually every area of application

  • Geberit Brenta wall mounted tab with self-sustaining power supply

The Geberit tap system is available for mains or battery operation as well as for self-sustaining power supply via a generator unit.

Furthermore, the models can be equipped with or without a mixer. Their bright chrome-plated surfaces and compact design make the washbasin taps easy to clean and maintain as well as attractive to look at. Separate system solutions are available for special applications such as decentralised storage water heaters.

Modular solution and sophisticated installation

  • Installation element for Geberit washbasin taps Piave and Brenta

With its modular tap system, Geberit has developed an impressive solution to remedy the general shortcomings of many touchless washbasin taps and specific problems that arise during the installation of wall-mounted taps. All electronic components, with the exception of the IR sensor, are thus well protected from moisture in a separate function box. It is built in under the washbasin behind the wall and thus enables completely new possibilities for tap design.