Geberit KombifixThe tried-and-tested classic for the bathroom and WC

The solid construction specialist

Geberit Kombifix element for wall-hung WC in solid construction

Geberit Kombifix installation elements are the solution for solid construction. The installation elements have been specially designed for use in exposed installations in front of a brick or concrete wall.

Fast and complete installation

Geberit Kombifix installation elements provide a high degree of functional reliability for the long term. The Geberit Kombifix element for wall-hung WC is delivered from the factory fully equipped with complete accessories, including a sound insulation set, waste connector bend and fastening material. This simplifies the easy, fast and complete installation at the building site. All Geberit Kombifix elements for WC are suitable for Geberit AquaClean shower toilets.

The complete product line for all sanitary installations

Geberit Kombifix elements are available for wall-hung WCs, washbasins, urinals and bidets.

Step by step

All technical Information about Geberit Kombifixcan be found in the Online Catalog