Geberit fill valves and flush valvesSmall change, great effect

One valve that does it allThe Geberit type 212 flush valve

Geberit type 212 flush valve (© Geberit)

The Geberit flush valve has been included in all Geberit Sigma and Omega concealed cisterns since 2022. Its discharge behaviour is ideally suited to the Geberit ceramics, and the flush volumes can be flexibly adapted as required. The integrated throttle can be set at five different levels to reduce the oversplashing of WC ceramics, while its compact design facilitates quick installation and removal via the service opening of the cistern.

The flush valve is backwards compatible with all Geberit concealed cisterns in the Sigma series (UP300) up to year of manufacture 2001, the Omega series up to 2014 and the Delta series up to 2006.

Type 212 flush valve at a glance:

  • A single flush valve for all Geberit cisterns
  • Slim and compact for easy installation and removal
  • Large flush volume with flexible settings for 4, 4.5, 6 and 7.5 litres
  • Small flush volume with flexible settings between 2 and 4 litres
  • Reduces oversplashing of the WC ceramic with throttle integrated in the basket
  • Suitable for Sigma concealed cisterns up to year of manufacture 2001

The Geberit type 208 flush valveNew core for 8 cm concealed cistern

The type 208 flush valve (© Geberit)

Geberit has revised the dual flush unit type 208 and optimised its hydraulic properties. For example, the valve now has a throttle with which the discharge velocity of the flush water can be adjusted. The handling has also been improved: Installation and removal are easier to manage in flush tanks that are only 8 cm wide. The flush valve type 208 is backwards-compatible without any restrictions, which is why it is also suitable as a spare part for older concealed cisterns with 8 cm installation depth.

Spare parts for your cistern

Geberit flush valve with fill valve/float valve

There is no need to replace older exposed cisterns just because a fill valve or flush valve is defective or their water consumption no longer corresponds to state-of-the-art technology. After all, there are appropriate Geberit fill valves and flush valves not only for every older Geberit concealed cistern manufactured since 1964, but also for exposed or other cisterns from numerous manufacturers of ceramic appliances.

Save water immediately

Geberit flushing technology with flush valve and float valve

The conversion to the new, water-saving technology can be finished effortlessly. Because of the water savings compared to an old single flush system, the customer’s investment usually pays off after only one year. The replacement work can be carried out without producing dirt or noise for the customer.