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Geberit India




The Geberit BIM Catalogue plug-in extends Geberit's existing BIM solution by facilitating the direct import of country-specific Autodesk® Revit® families directly into the current Autodesk® Revit® project.
The direct connection to the Geberit database ensures that only up-to-date and localised BIM Autodesk® Revit® families are available, which represents a huge advantage over the conventional method of manual downloads from portals or websites.

Installation and compatibility

The Geberit BIM Catalogue plug-in is installed by downloading and executing the .exe. file.
The plug-in can be uninstalled at any time using the Windows uninstall routine.
You will find more information in the video

The Geberit BIM Catalogue plug-in is compatible with the latest version and the two preceding versions of Autodesk® Revit® and can be installed on Windows 7 ror 10.

Setup and configuration

The selection in the country/region settings ensures that users can use only the Geberit product range available in their own regions or in their own countries. We strongly advise that users do not change the country/region settings within the same project.

The following video uses an example to illustrate the correct procedure.

The Load button establishes the database connection in the background and requires one-time activation each time a project is opened.


As a rule, this product is not used in digital projects. This can be for various reasons:

  • The product has been discontinued and is no longer sold in the country or region in question.
  • The product has not yet been checked for BIM relevance.

This product has been identified as BIM-relevant, but is not yet available for downloading. This can be for various reasons:

  • The BIM content for this product is currently being created.
  • The BIM content is currently being checked by those responsible for quality control and has not yet been approved.

This product is BIM-ready.

  • The Autodesk® Revit® family is available for the planning stage.

The plug-in provides the user with access to the Geberit product range, based on the regional settings defined previously. The data structure displayed in the plug-in corresponds to that of the Geberit online catalogue. Click to open each level of the data structure and navigate to the desired product.
In a similar way to the Geberit online product catalogue, the products are categorised according to the following product systems:

Geberit product range    
Bathroom Systems Installation and Flushing Systems Supply Systems
Building Drainage Systems Tools

Geberit product systems are located in the data structure at the topmost level and are displayed in grey.

The lowest level of the data structure contains the Geberit products that can be downloaded and added to a BIM project. These active/selectable nodes are displayed in black.

Direct searches using a Geberit article number have not yet been implemented.

The Geberit BIM Catalogue plug-in is ready for download and use in the following countries/regions.

Availability of the Geberit BIM Catalogue plug-in in the countries
Austria (de) Finland (fi) Italy (it) Poland (pl) Slovenia (sl)
Belgium (fr/nl) France (fr) Latvia (en) Portugal (pt) Spain (es)
Croatia (hr) Germany (de) Lithuania (en) Romania (ro) Sweden (sv)
Czech Republic (cs) United Kingdom (en) Luxembourg (fr) Russia (ru) Switzerland (de/fr/it)
Denmark (da) Hungary (hu) Netherlands (nl) Serbia (sr) Africa / Middle East / Latin America (en/fr)
Estonia (en) India (en) Norway (no) Slovakia (sk)  

Currently available BIM content*:
Supply Systems

  • Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel
  • Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel
  • Geberit Mapress Copper
  • Geberit Mapress CuNiFe
  • Geberit Mepla

Building Drainage Systems

  • Geberit Silent-db20
  • Geberit HDPE

Installation and Flushing Systems

  • Geberit Duofix elements:
    • Elements for WCs
    • Elements for washbasins
    • Elements for sinks
    • Elements for urinals
    • Elements for bidets
    • Elements for showers and bathtubs
    • Elements for taps
    • Elements for washing machines and dishwashers
    • Elements for panel loads
    • Elements for kitchen sinks
    • Elements for wall-hung storage tanks

Bathroom Systems
Data is currently being created.
*The availability of BIM content is subject to local product range limitations.

Geberit BIM content is available in two different levels of detail: LOD 300 and LOD 400, which enable users to plan with Geberit BIM content while simultaneously fulfilling the requirements of tenders for public projects using manufacturer-neutral BIM content.
Properties such as the manufacturer name and article number can be hidden completely and others, such as the product name and description, are replaced by generic descriptions.
More information on how to toggle between LOD 300 and LOD 400 can be seen in the video below.

Not all products have been identified as being relevant for BIM and digital planning.

Yes. Geberit BIM content for the supply and building drainage systems provided with Autodesk® Revit® (.rvt) project files is not created using the Geberit product information management system and is obsolete. The existing BIM content on the website will no longer be updated following the market launch of the Geberit BIM Catalogue plug-in. The old data will be removed from the websites after a transition phase that is scheduled to continue until the end of 2020.

Software updates will be made available a maximum of twice per year.