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Anyone wanting to convert an attic to a bedroom with bathroom has to remember one thing: what looks spacious on the floor plan, tends to shrink considerably in reality. Low ceilings and roof pitches both drastically reduce the effective usable area. This makes the positioning of the sanitary installations a challenging – yet solvable – task.

5 things to be considered when planning a bathroom with roof pitch

Bathroom with a sloped ceiling

1. Ensure you are fully informed

Permission may have to be obtained from the authorities for conversion work in the attic. The load capacity of the floor, the statics and the insulation have to be checked and verified. Also consider the basic requirements, such as moisture-resistant wall cladding and sealing of the floor.

2. Calculate the space in the attic

When planning, it is important to know the exact details of the available space. You cannot afford to go by the floor plan alone; you also have to cater for the roof pitch. Roofs should have a pitch of 35° for a bathroom in an attic to make sense from a planning perspective. In order to stand upright and have sufficient space to move (also known as headroom), humans need a space at least two metres high and two metres wide.

3. Determine your budget

A bathroom in the attic usually comes with a high price tag because you tend to need special furniture or a special design. Depending on the circumstances, you could well be missing supply and drainage systems, insulation or light sources.

4. List exactly what you need in terms of bathroom equipment

What is a necessity – and what can you do without (because there is not enough space)? A list of all requirements and wishes will help you keep track of everything.

5. Investigate the wide range of products and installation options

You can draw deliberate attention to the sloped ceiling and low room heights. Take inspiration from a whole range of ideas for designing bathrooms with a roof pitch and be advised by the experts. With pitched roof in particular, it is recommended to also pay attention to functionality when selecting products. After all, nobody wants to be confronted with too little storage space or poorly insulated water supply lines.

Tip: Light colours make a bathroom with a sloped ceiling appear more spacious

Bathroom with sloping roof and products from the Geberit ONE bathroom series and Geberit AquaClean with Monolith

Light colours tend to be best in modern bathrooms with a roof pitch because natural light under the roof is usually scarce.

In general, dark colours visually lower the ceiling, meaning a small bathroom appears even more cramped.

Tiles should be as large as possible to give the room a greater sense of space. Modern decorative panels or water-resistant concrete paint are attractive alternatives.

Planning your new bathroom with a pitched roof

Careful planning is essential in order to get the most out of your slanted ceiling bathroom. With this in mind, ask yourself the following questions in advance during planning:

Geberit solutionsfor large, small or narrow bathrooms

Geberit iCon bathroom with washbasin and mirror

Washbasins and mirror cabinets for bathrooms with roof pitch

Choose washbasins and mirror cabinets that are both functional and match the fixtures and fittings in the rest of the bathroom. Modern, simple designs can be combined well with each other.

Mirror cabinets with integrated lighting contribute to a feel-good atmosphere in the room.

A sanitary professional or bathroom planner can help you choose products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Six things that have to be considered when planning a bathroom with a pitch:

A walk-in shower in a small bathroom

Showers for roof pitches

When planning showers for bathrooms with sloped ceilings, Geberit offers innovative solutions that are space-saving, practical and timeless. As there is limited height in rooms with roof pitches, floor-even showers are a particularly good idea. These blend in perfectly with the room. Slanted shower doors or tailor-made shower enclosures allow for the limited space to be used optimally without sacrificing on comfort.

To ensure an open design of the shower area, a wall drain can be used where the water disappears efficiently and reliably into the prewall without leaks.

Save space with the Geberit Monolith WC

Toilets in attic bathrooms

When installing a toilet under a roof pitch, remember that the ceiling height here should be at least 145 to 155 cm. During renovations, a concealed cistern is a sensible idea as the cistern can be hidden behind the wall.

With the Geberit Monolith, you can save space while creating a modern, sleek appearance.

Wall-hung WC models mean the floor underneath remains clear and the room appears larger. A shower toilet such as the Geberit AquaClean Sela offers even more comfort. Saves space and transforms the bathroom into an oasis of well-being.

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