Good design can halve cleaning time

A well planned bathroom makes cleaning a breeze

Building owners can decide right from the design phase whether a bathroom is going to be easy to clean. It is important for the bathroom to have a chic design, but for the user, cleanliness is even more important.

Simple room planning
Where possible, corners and angles should be kept to a minimum in bathrooms. This means the bathroom can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. Prewall installations are ideal because they hide the usual suspects that accumulate dust – such as cisterns, pipes and cables – behind the wall.

Steering clear of joints
The larger the tiles, the easier they are to clean. And the fewer joints there are, the fewer places there are for dirt, urinal splashes and germs to be deposited.

A rimless paradise
Limescale deposits roughen the surface of the WC ceramic appliance, making it extremely difficult to clean. What’s more, the deposits look unhygienic and dirt sticks to them. That is why it is easier to clean the sanitary ceramic when the surfaces are simpler and more continuous. Modern WCs are designed to be rimless and washbasins are also available with no overflow hole.

Elegantly mounted on the wall
If bathroom furniture and WCs are mounted on the prewall, free space emerges beneath them which is easy to clean. The ideal distance between the floor and the design stripe of the WC or furniture is around 15 cm, as this provides the perfect amount of space to mop and clean underneath them.

Which bathroom is the right one for you?

But, what exactly are your needs? Is space, cleanliness or the design important to you? Would you like user-friendly products or would you prefer that extra degree of comfort that the Geberit AquaClean shower toilet, for example, has to offer? Or would you prefer a universal design? No matter what your needs are, we simplify your daily routine with our clever bathroom solutions.

More space in the bathroom
Higher standard of cleanliness in the bathroom
More functional design in the bathroom
Greater comfort in the bathroom
Increased accessibility in the bathroom
Improved usability in the bathroom