Four square metres of luxuryMartin Modern, Singapore

In Singapore, the Martin Modern area is a mixture of park and residential complex. Two towers offer residents luxury units. The bathrooms, on the other hand, seem modest but still offer full luxury.

In the realm of the Merlion, a hybrid of lion and fish, people live high up and close together. Living space is scarce in Singapore, whose landmark is the Merlion. The city state with the second highest population density in the world is home to around 5.7 million people. Their lives are mostly lived in high-rise buildings with small flats.

The skyscrapers soar into the sky with sometimes breathtaking architecture. Since 2021, Singapore's skyline has been enriched by two more towers. With 30 storeys, two residential towers rise into the sky in the Martin Modern area. They offer space for 450 residential units in the generously designed Botanical Garden. They were planned and built by the real estate agency GuocoLand, one of Singapore's most important developers.

House in a garden

The "Secret Gardens" grow atop the residential towers of the Martin Modern area (© Darren Soh)

To understand the architecture of the Martin Modern area, you have to look at the map of the City-State. The densely built city literally vibrates with life, traditional and futuristic buildings stand in direct proximity to each other. In the middle of it all and in a prime location is the Martin Modern area, which acts like a green lung in the densely built-up city.

The “house in a garden“ concept was developed by the landscape architects ICN Design International. The special thing about it is that the two towers with their footprints take up only 20 percent of the approximately 172,000 m² site. As soon as they enter the inner area of the park, visitors leave the hustle and bustle of the metropolis behind. There are 15 gardens and lawns on various levels of the grounds and buildings.

Green bonnet

The green icing on the cake is the roof gardens called “Secret Gardens“ on the two towers. They contain garden areas or secluded arbours. Group Managing Director of GuocoLand Cheng Hsing Yao emphasises: “When it comes to projects in Singapore's best neighbourhoods, buyers should have a sense of space and garden“.

Lots of luxury in a small space

The units have generous ceiling heights of 4.2 metres. In contrast, the bathrooms are rather compact, measuring between 3.5 and 4.4 square metres. This is because they should take up as little space as possible in the units, which are between 70 and 170 square metres in size, but offer as much luxury as possible. High-quality materials and the Geberit AquaClean Sela shower toilets are used there. The shower toilets fit perfectly into the land of the water-spouting merlion, which can be admired in the park of the same name.


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