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Geberit India


New possibilities

For the whole bathroom

By combining expertise in the fields of sanitary technology, design and innovative functions, we are able to open up new possibilities with regard to planning, designing and installing bathrooms. Read on to find out about attractive new features and additions to the Geberit product ranges in front of and behind the wall.

Just the way you like it

Geberit actuator plates Sigma21 and Sigma50

The trend towards customisation means that customer demands are growing. When it comes to selecting the right design options, it is often a case of ensuring that individual nuances are perfectly coordinated. Actuator plates in new, fashionable metal colours and surfaces are the perfect match for virtually any decor style. The new metal colours include black chrome, red gold and brass; the new surface variants are walnut and concrete look.

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A new look for our bestsellers

Geberit actuator plates Sigma20 and Sigma30

The Geberit actuator plates Sigma20 – with round buttons for large and small flush volumes – and Sigma30 – with square flush actuation buttons – are now available in new designs. In addition to the chrome-plated versions, the design rings and stripes are now also available tone in tone with the plate and the buttons in white and white matt coated as well as black and black matt. The matt versions feature an easy-to-clean coating.

More information about the Geberit actuator plates

A new profile

Geberit shower channel CleanLine80

The latest addition to the Geberit CleanLine shower channel range is the CleanLine80 model. The new features include the integrated slope and a solid, self-contained gutter profile. The technical concept, including the water drainage without large hidden areas, the drain in the middle and the easily removable hair trap, remains unchanged. The CleanLine80 is available in two sizes and can be cut to length to suit the situation on site. The new Geberit CleanLine80 is available in three surface variants, in line with the current tile trends: champagne, black chrome and stainless steel.

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Geberit BIM Catalogue

Compact and up-to-date models for effective MEP design: with the Geberit BIM Catalogue plug-in for Autodesk® Revit®, sanitary engineers have direct access to the Geberit BIM database featuring the country-specific Geberit product range. The Geberit Revit® families feature simplified, basic geometries and cover all planning-related metadata. The lightweight models not only enable efficient operation, but also make the most of hardware and software capacities, meaning they can be incorporated easily and efficiently into even large and complex projects.

Geberit BIM Catalogue information

Geberit SuperTube

Optimised hydraulics in high-rise buildings to provide more residential and floor space. A parallel ventilation pipe installation is no longer required.

Geberit SuperTube

Geberit Sigma50 actuator plate

Curved elegance in a new look – the Geberit Sigma50 adds a new visual dimension to the bathroom. The actuator buttons are remarkably slim, and additional designs in real Mustang slate and glass in the trendy colour sand grey offer even more possibilities when it comes to bathroom design. This actuator plate is equipped with water-saving dual flush and is also available in different colours and materials. Even customised designs and motifs are possible.

Geberit actuator plate

Geberit DuoFresh module

The new odour extraction unit brings comfort and fresh air into the bathroom. Unpleasant odours are removed right where they develop and are purified by an efficient ceramic honeycomb filter. What’s more, a practical orientation light makes it easy for you to find your way to the toilet at night. The Geberit DuoFresh module can be combined with different Geberit actuator plates and can be retrofitted.

Geberit actuator plates with odour extraction unit

Geberit MasterFix

The popular Geberit MeplaFix connection not only has a new name – MasterFix – it has also been completely revised. In order to ensure safe installation, users can now hear and feel when the connection has been made. Yet what remains the same is the fact that the connection is installed without any tools or hemp.

Easy to install with Geberit HDPE ring seal sockets

Now with lip seal to enable pipelines to be inserted with less force. The ring seal socket has also been extended to enable it to be used with electrofusion couplings without any additional effort.

Maintenance-free Geberit pressing jaws for the entire assortment

The new Geberit pressing jaws do not require any maintenance throughout their entire service life. This means that they are always ready for the next project, and there are no additional maintenance costs.

Tools and accessories for supply system

Geberit Pluvia roof outlet with flange for gutters, 25 l

The Geberit Pluvia roof outlet with flange for gutters is now available with a capacity of 25 l/s and with connection diameter d90. The new Geberit Pluvia roof outlet can be used for gutters with a minimum width of 30 cm.

Geberit Pluvia